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Wschód słońca nad pole pszenicy


The main direction of the activities of the Traditional Culture Committee is the protection of Poland's dance and musical cultural heritage, with particular emphasis on subregional variants. By systematically providing advice and consultations, the work of the committee will contribute to a deeper understanding of selected phenomena of traditional culture of dance, music, singing and folk art. One of the many tasks will be cooperation in seminars, workshops and cyclical courses in various fields of regional culture and art. Moreover, it will be possible to use elements of cultural heritage in creating contemporary forms of artistic communication.


Peter Kulka

Chairman of the KT Committee

Portretówka M.Dąbek.jpg

Magdalena Dabek

Member of the KT committee


Patrick Rutkowski

Deputy Chairman of the KT Commission

Dorota Majerczyk fotka.jpg

Dorothy Majerczyk

Member of the KT Committee

Jubileuszowe 1.jpg

Catherine Nowak


Żółte tło motywu

Marek Czarnowski

Member of the KT Committee

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